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Re: debconf review of cvsd (was Re: stop abusing debconf already)

One more thing that I didn't notice until purging the package. In the
purge question, you refer to "selecting yes" and "answering no". Don't
do that, some debconf frontends do not use yes or no; the user might be
staring at a check box when they see that text. Just ask the question,
something like (changebarred):

  You may choose to remove the chroot jail but you will also
  loose all the repositories inside the chroot jail. If you have not
| backed up your repositories you want to keep, do not remove it now;
| manually remove it later once your repositories are safe.

| If you do chose to remove the chroot directory, all directories under
| it will be removed, even if they are on another filesystem.

  If you choose to keep the chroot jail please note that the cvsd user
  and group will be removed so uid and gid file information may no longer
  be consistent.

And while it's probably ok to default it to true, the postrm should
catch the db_input return code, and if the question is not displayed, do
not remove anything (and say something to stderr about it maybe). Think
of someone in noninteractive mode..

Good use of a debconf substitution in that last question, BTW.

see shy jo

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