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Re: [david@eelf.ddts.net: Re: why do we care about configuration files?]

>> On Fri, 18 Apr 2003 19:06:34 -0400,
>> David B Harris <david@eelf.ddts.net> said: 

 > if [[ "$always_yes" = "true" ]]; then
 >     grep -v '^/etc/foo/bar$' /etc/conffiles/managed > "$tempfile"
 >     && cp "$tempfile" /etc/conffiles/managed if ! grep
 >     '^/etc/foo/bar$' /etc/conffiles/unmanaged; then
 >         echo /etc/foo/bar >> /etc/conffiles/unmanaged
 >     fi
 > fi

	ucf development has something like this, except it is more
 paranoid and checks to see if something is in managed and unmanaged
 at once.

 > But I dunno, the scenario I brought up would still remain. Even if a
 > file is in /etc/conffiles/managed, the user still needs to be asked if
 > it's okay to overwrite it, unless they tell the system otherwise.

	Why? The only way a file would ever be lsited there is if the
 admin put it there. I say that policy states that be default _no_
 file goes into the managed list; and the shipped default for
 /etc/coonffile/default is unmanahed. (managed is a list of files that
 the package can freely over write). 

 > How will we let them tell it otherwise? 

	They told us that by entering a conffile name in the managed list.

 > I'm thinking in the "may I upgrade your configuration file?" question,
 > have the options I mentioned before ("no", "yes", "always-no").

 > With "no" and "yes" being one-time-only things, "always-no" removing the
 > line from /etc/conffiles/managed and adding it to
 > /etc/conffiles/unmanaged.

 > How's that sound? It's unobtrusive, only adding a third option.

	I think this is not needed. Since the shipped default is for
 all files to be unmanaged, ie, not ever written over by default; any
 files in the managed section were put in by explicit admin action.


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