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Re: Maintainers with excessive old RC bugs

On Mon, 2003-04-14 at 08:44, Andrew Suffield wrote:
> This is a sorted (worst offenders first) list of maintainers who have
> excessive numbers of old RC bugs open against their packages.
Great work... Just wish I wasn't on there. 

Is there any better way of keeping snapshot packages out of testing than
RC bugs?
Picking a random architecture and making its builds fail is not a valid
answer :)

I know I have other RC bugs. I'm working on them. gjdoc needs
libgnujaxp-java and libxmlj-java packaging. The first of which has been
done by an NM but not sponsored yet. The second is still waiting for a
Java-gnome builds have not been restarted by the buildd's since it moved
to main. I've asked on debian-powerpc (since I've not found anywhere
more appropriate), but had no response so far. Can anyone on -devel
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