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Re: fakeroot with chroot.

Piotr Roszatycki wrote:
> I really don't know. The fakeroot is not my project and I'm afraid my
> patches are too experimental for such stable tool. Also there is too much
> work with cleaning up the code. Should I start new project or join to the
> original fakeroot?

Start a fakechroot project :)

I have tested it, and it is really nice. I would be very interested
to be able to run a kind of pbuilder without needing root access.
AFAIK user-mode-linux require root access to set up the network
to have network access under uml.

Next step is of course to port it to other distros, so that we can build
Debian packages on them.

> I'd like to make "/proc" directory transparent for chroot-ed environment.
> It would be possible to use pstools. Another idea?

Use the real /proc ? Or I missed something.

Suppose a fakechroot in /fake/. In the fake chroot, /usr refer to

I would like the possibility to specify that some directories most not
have /fake prepended by fakechroot: that /proc in the fake chroot refer
to the real /proc not /fake/proc, for example.  This can also be useful
for /dev, etc...

Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>
Please CC me!

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