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Re: [desktop] Draft proposal for a new debian menu system

Ciao Enrico,

On Thu, 10 Apr 2003, Enrico Zini wrote:

> The advantages would be to adhere to an existing, open standard (and
> push it), to provide a better system (with multiple cathegories and menu
> translations) and to better integrate with the desktop environments we
> package.  The latter is going to be very important in the future as
> Linux spreads in the desktop world.

As you might know Im not too much into technical details of the menu
system but I have to fully agree with your idea. Keeping up with standards
is good specially if they are spread over different distros.

> please don't let this mail go unanswered like the one about user
> analysis.

Don't be disappointed by that. Sometimes there is no real need for an
answer. When we announced the stats for IPv6 in Debian noone commented via
email. Our biggest satisfaction was to see apache logs exploding within
few minutes.


Our mission: make IPv6 the default IP protocol
"We are on a mission from God" - Elwood Blues


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