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re: ARM toolchains (was: Familiar packages)

Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 06, 2003 at 07:29:48AM +1000, Russell Coker wrote:

> > I am thinking of packaging the Familiar distribution of Linux for Debian.

> > Familiar comprises the following:
> <snip>

> > 4) gcc and binutils for cross-compiling ARM code on an i386 platform, 16M
> > compressed.

> There are already several of these around; I have personally used at least
> two.  One can be built from toolchain-source, another is available from
> emdebian.

Indeed. I've started the process of making binutils-arm and gcc-arm
packages, taking the good bits of the emdebian, handhelds, linux-arm erik
mouw, erik andersen (uclibc) and Dominc duval toolchains so get what I hope
is a reliable and general-purpose chain for developers using debian tp
cross-build arm stuff.

I really should have done an ITP so you could know this - I'll do that now.

It stalled for a month as something else became more urgent and I was
discouraged by anoyyingly losing a couple of hours work, but it'll be back
on track any minute now.

This will effectively update and move the emdebian packages to be available
was part of Debian proper where they are a lot more useful. I'll be posting
the patch and compile option sets to debian-embedded and debian-arm for
discussion. Anyone else who wants to be cc:ed speak up now. (CC: me I'm not
on this list)

> > 5) Complete tool chain (lots of headers, libraries, etc), 100M compressed.

> Anything that can't be done with dpkg-cross?

Just what I was going to say....If there is we should try to fix it.

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