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Re: Bug#187553: ITP: png2ico -- a png to windows ico converter program

* Ralf Nolden <nolden@kde.org> [2003-04-04 18:00]:
> On Friday 04 April 2003 18:29, Stephen Frost wrote:
>> He asked what was superior/different between icoutils and png2ico.  He
>> didn't say it shouldn't go in or that there was any problem with it.  If
>> it doesn't do anything different one might wonder about the point of
>> including it.  Obviously mutt and elm are quite different in a number of
>> ways, as are exim and sendmail, etc.
>> Are you getting defensive so quickly because there is no difference?
> Well, I don't question the good intention of the question nor would I
> insist on packaging it

 You did, otherwise you would have used a very strange wording for your
response to Colin.

> That's why I filed an ITP - I just didn't know there's another tool
> available already :-)

 Again, your response to Colin was completely misleading, then. Make up
your mind before you fire.

> OTOH this utility is just limited to doing what I wanted to do -
> convert a couple of standard size icons into one single ico for a CD.

 You haven't read the manual page for icotool, have you?  It's clearly
written out in the examples:

    Create an icon named `favicon.ico' with two images:
      $ icotool -c -o favicon.ico mysite_32x32.png mysite_64x64.png

> How's icotool handling that ? Can it convert multiple iconsizes into one ico 
> resource or is it limited to one single png file converted into ico format ?

 Yes, it can.  See the EXAMPLES section in the manual page.

 So long!
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