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Re: Bug#187914: ITP: jmax -- visual programming environment for music and media


Sure, I am well aware of this problem (and those documents).
Following Francois advises and utils/rpm/jmax.spec, I compile jmax as multiple 
packages, including one in contrib (jmax-java), the others in free.


On Monday 07 April 2003 04:00, Marco Trevisani wrote:
>  07/04/2003 alle 00:08:36, +0100, Piem [AKA pub] ha scritto/escribió/wrote:
> > Package: wnpp
> > Version: unavailable; reported 2003-04-06
> > Severity: wishlist
> >
> > * Package name    : jmax
> >   Version         : 4.0.2
> >   Upstream Author : Francois Dechelle <dechelle@ircam.fr>
> > * URL             : http://www.ircam.fr/jmax/
> > * License         : GPL
> >   Description     : visual programming environment for music and media
> Hi,
> even if jmax is licensed as GPL it depends, in order to work, on
> non-free software, java2 (java runtime environement from either SUN or
> IBM) plus Swing.
> Check:
> http://www.agnula.org/project/deliverables
> deliverable 3.1.1
> or download directly the pdf:
> http://www.agnula.org/project/deliverables_and_documents/3.1.1-composition-
> There is a detailed analysis.  This is the reason why, for example, it
> was not included in the latest Agnula release.  ON the other hand,
> last week, IRCAM made a call for Python VOlunteers in order to *free*
> completely jmax. I attach here that call if there is someone here that
> could be interested interested in participating.
> -----
> AGNULA: Call for Python Volunteers
> The AGNULA ("A GNU/Linux Audio Distribution") is working on the
> creation of two entirely Free Software GNU/Linux distributions for
> professional audio users based upon Debian GNU/Linux and RedHat.
> Unfortunately, there is one application that depends on proprietary
> Java implementations for its GUI, so at the current state it would not
> be possible to include that package in a fully functional way.
> That application is jMax, a visual programming environment for
> building interactive musical and multimedia applications and a
> contribution to AGNULA by IRCAM, the music center of the Centre
> Pompidou in Paris, France.
> The most likely solution of this problem seems the creation of a
> Python-based Free Software GUI for jMax that can replace the current
> Java GUI. Unfortunately IRCAM is lacking the people that could
> complete this task and cannot do it without help.
> So we are now looking for volunteers who are interested in helping
> create a Python GUI for this remarkable application. Volunteers can
> subscribe to the mailing list at
>  http://listes.ircam.fr/wws/info/jmax
> to get in touch with the other developers working on jMax
> Although IRCAM cannot do the development all by themselves, they offer
> priority support (response times within 24hrs during working days) to
> everyone who'd like to help out.
> If you'd like to find more information about the issues and what has
> been tried to resolve them, that is available at
>  http://fsfeurope.org/projects/agnula/java.html.
> If you were looking for interesting audio projects to get involved in,
> this might be a good opportunity - all help will be appreciated!
> Contact: Francois.Dechelle@ircam.fr
> ------
> 	ciao,
> 	marco

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