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Re: Bug#187826: dovecot: please package the pop3 server separately

> The pop3 server itself can be turned off in the config file (and in fact
> is in the default configuration.)  

Yes, I'm aware of that, and would gladly leave it turned off if I could
upgrade the package without breaking my setup.

> The problem is in the dependencies. My reading of policy 2.3.5 is
> that because I include a POP3 server, I have to provide pop3-server
> in my dependencies.


> The obvious answer as you suggest is to break out the pop3 piece into a
> seperate package but the thing is it uses other elements of dovecot for
> authentication, etc.  I would actually have to make three packages:
> dovecot-common, dovecot-imap, and dovecot-pop3.  And I'd rather not start
> another proliferation of tiny packages.

That's how courier and cyrus do it, and works fine.

> Is there any other way around this?

Well... the easiest one would be to drop the policy of having to
conflict with other pop3 servers (same for imap and friends, where
only the services might conflict, not files). After all, I can bind
different servers to different ports and IPs (like for local users, I
would continue to use popa3d, which supports /var/mail/$username. For
those users who prefer maildir, I could use dovecot on another port or
IP). Of course, this is probably not the best example, but still. I do
would like to be allowed to run two network servers on the same box,
and deal with the consequences.

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