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Re: Bug#187233: amavis-ng: Undocumented change in dependancies (debconf)

Hilko Bengen wrote:
> Jefferson Cowart <jeff@cowart.net> writes:
> > Package: amavis-ng
> > Version:
> > Severity: important
> >
> > Between and the dependancy on debconf was changed
> > which is undocumented. The result is that it doesn't install on
> > current stable. Either the change should be listed in the change log
> > or not made.
> The packages I provide are supposed to work on unstable.
> I put the versioned Depends: in because of the following Lintian
> warning:
> W: amavis-ng: init-script-suggests-versioned-depends postinst
> N:
> N:   dpkg-reconfigure only stops daemons as of version 1.2.9. To ensure
> N:   dpkg-reconfigure can correctly start the daemon after reconfiguration,
> N:   packages should declare a dependency on that version of debconf.
> You are free to do a woody backport that takes out the versioned
> dependency. 

This lintian warning is in error, and you should ignore it. The
over-tight dependencies that it promotes are not worth the bother. See
my response to bug #185721 for more details.

(Speaking as the maintainer of both debconf, and debhelper, and wishing
I'd remembered to bring this up with Sean last time we had lunch.)

see shy jo

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