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I Metadistros developers meeting

Hi * 

I'm CCing this to debian-devel to let people know that we're alive and, who
knows, if anyone could come to Madrid... :)


-. Organizers: Hispalinux y Debian.
-. Local organizers: Linux Reference Center (CRL) of the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid
-. Coordinators: 
      Hispalinux, Roberto Santos <roberto.santos@hispalinux.es>.
      Debian, Javier Viñuales <vigu@debian.org>.
      CRL, Eloy Anguiano <Eloy.Anguiano@ii.uam.es>.
-. Place: Madrid, CRL de la UAM,
      Eloy Anguiano (CRL) <Eloy.Anguiano@ii.uam.es>.
-. Date: 14 and 15 of April.
-. Schedule: 

*** [14 of April, Monday] *******************************************
   16:00h-17:30h. Current state of the Metadistros project.
   18:00h-20:00h. Convergence with the Debian Project I.
                  -. Differences and technical incoherences.
                  -. Philosophical differences and incoherences.

*** [15 of April, Tuesday] ****************************************
   18:00h-19:00h. Convergence with the Debian Project II.
                  -. Solutions and integration with/in the Debian Project.
   19:30h-20:00h. Metadistros future tendency.

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