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Are "incomplete" headers bugworthy?

Some header files require 

#include <some_header.h>
#include <whatever_I_really_want.h>

instead of a simple

#include <whatever_I_really_want.h>

I noticed this while Debianizing my ITP:yapsnmp. It checks a couple of
libsnmp4.2's include files via AC_CHECK_HEADER. Unfortunately, the
snmp_include.h file uses in_addr_t without first including the libc header
where this is defined. Thus it fails.

IMHO, it is reasonable for all C header files to include any other header file
they need for compileability. My question is, is there a consensus on this

If so, should there be a Lintian test for this? (I would do that.)
Or even (shudder ;-) a mass bug report? (I'd rather not...)

If not, what can I do to get this header file passed by AC_CHECK_HEADER?
(Configure's message says to contact autoconf-bugs@gnu, but I think that
message is incorrect in this case.)


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