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Re: Introducing Alioth: SourceForge for Debian

On Sun, Mar 30, 2003 at 04:20:30PM +0200, Martin Godisch wrote:
> > Your account already exists. You just have to change your password
> > by following the instructions on this page:
> > https://alioth.debian.org/account/lostpw.php (the URL will be mailed
> > to your @debian.org email account). Very recent new developers may
> > not have their account created at exactly the same time on Alioth as
> > on other Debian servers, but the delay is worked on.
> Does the Alioth CVS know about the Debian LDAP SSH keys?

I don't believe it does. The accounts have the same name and similar UIDs,
but different passwords and different SSH keys.

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