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Re: Problem with ignored bug reports


Ralf Hildebrandt wrote:
> I mailed to the corresponding bug addresses to have
> the bugs closed - several times in the last months  - but have not
> ever heard of the developer/maintainer.
While the handling of bugs might not be optimal in all cases, I think that you
are making the maintainer(s) in question look bad for no good reason and should
rather ask somewhere how and when to file a bug report. (e.g. don't file bug
reports to debian bts for non-official debs, don't file bugs for appearantly
self-solving temporary dependency problems in sid). Also, you might bother to
read and care for instructions at bugs.debian.org.

> Bugs that should have been closed ages ago are:

Half the bugs you listed have been submitted 18 or less days ago. Others have
other problems:

> 168269
> 150341
> 165369
> 173195
I did not investigate these.

> 165271
This bug was filed against kdm 4:3.0.3-1 on 2002-10-08.
You have added another issue to the bug report on 2002-10-18.
You then have first requested that it'll be closed on 2002-10-20 on the grounds
that it has been solved.
kdm (source kdebase) in sid was at version 2.2 until 2003-02-06, when 4:3.1.0-1
was uploaded.
The bug probably should never have been filed against debian BTS. If anything it
should have been closed either immediatly (on the grounds of not applicable to
the kdm package in debian) or no earlier than 2003-02-06.

> 183603
18 days old
> 183680
17 days old
> 183725 (kde is finally in sid)
17 days old
> 184311 (kde is finally in sid)
12 days old
> 184312 (kde is finally in sid)
12 days old

I'm sorry, but I think you are very much drawing a distorted image of the
problems with these bugs.



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