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ITO: ArgoUML - UML Java modeller w/ BSD license (and it's dependencies)


Actually I couldn't decide for this step for long time because of
my personal relation to ArgoUML and hope that I would find time to
re-start maintaining this package(s).

But now I am sure that:
1. ArgoUML is just too great to have no active Debian maintainter
2. It has new release since some months which should be packaged
2. I finally moved to other things (Java related too) and won't
have time (and commitment) to maintain it properly.

You can take a look at http://www.argouml.org and at argouml
packages currently in unstable to learn more about it.

But belive me: ArgoUML *IS* great, complete and robust UML tool [1],
with very creative, open and active upstream. If you decide to take over
the package (and it's dependecies) - you can be sure they (and me too)
will help you when/if you have troubles.

Now down to the technical business - the packages to take over are:
argouml - Modelling tool to help you do your design using UML.
libdtdparser-java - Java DTD parser library
libgef-java - Graph Editing Framework written entirely in Java
libnsuml-java - Novosoft UML (Unified Modeling Language) library
libocl-argo-java - Dresden OCL (Object Constraint Language) Java Toolkit

There's not much magic in packaging ArgoUML and it's dependencies
besides maybe some small and solvable licensing problems that used
to be here and there (and it took some time to solve them).
The packages are all in good shape [2].

But now, FWIK - argouml and it's dependencies should be clean as
destilled water :-) and all of them free [3] - according to DFSG.

So now I'd like a new maintainer to show up. If you want these packages
- please say a few words about yourself and your related experieces.
If you have any questions - just ask and I'll try to answer them.


				Grzegorz B. Prokopski

[1] I used ArgoUML to create diagrams for my M.Sc. thesis. Packaging
ArgoUML (after my thesis were ready) was a kind of paying back the debt
for this great tool.
[2] There are #155198 and #155200 which say that ArgoUML should depend
on java2 (trivial) and #163198 FTBFS which I couldn't recreate (it may
be due to different versions of sdk or different setup of alternatives
but surely ArgoUML *does* build)
[3] Because there's no DFSG-free implementation of swing - ArgoUML
still depends on non-free java runtime implementation so it belongs
to contrib directory.

Grzegorz B. Prokopski <gadek@debian.org>
Debian http://www.debian.org/

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