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Public Alert

Title: This is a one

This is a one-time email from Ron Korkut (ronkor@iready.ca) to inform you about the following LEGAL SCAM perpetrated under the supervision of the Attorney General of British Columbia. For further information please visit www.integriti.org and subscribe to the Integriti Newsletters (free) by emailing your request to root@integriti.org.

P U B L I C   A L E R T !


The failure of the media has been necessitated the distribution of this PUBLIC INFORMATION by email. The intent is to prevent harm to the public; therefore, obstructing the distribution of this document is tantamount to causing harm to the public.

At present, a drunk driver is leading the Government of British Columbia. If the leader of the government has no respect for the "law", obviously, we may not expect any better performance from his administration. Therefore, we must be vigilant for their actions. Unrestrained public servants are more dangerous offenders than ordinary criminals, because we have no protection against them.

Corruption in public service is an organized crime and resisting to organized criminals is not a trivial undertaking for a member of the public. Failure to cooperate with them entails relentless systemic torture inflicted under the colour of law. As long as the media hide the facts from the public, it is a simple matter to silence the victims by provoking them into violence to justify their arrest or torture to induce suicide. Here is an example:

I started my electrical contract business in 1994. After four years of successful service, Brian McHugh, Permits Officer seized and cancelled my contractor-ELECTRICIAN certificate without a complaint, notice and hearing. He claimed that I was not qualified for my LAWFULLY ISSUED ELECTRICIAN certificate even though I had an accredited electrical engineering degree and two decades of electrical work experience.

The Ministry of Attorney General defended McHugh’s action instead of settling the issue out of the Court. Despite, I had statutory and constitutional rights to a board hearing, and Brian McHugh testified that there was no board hearing, Madam Justice Smith and Madam Justice Southin dismissed my legal action and appeal with costs.

At the trial, Lisa Shendroff, who was the legal counsel for Brian McHugh, deceived the Court by patently stating that I had a hearing. The Executive Director of the Law Society, James Matkin failed to investigate her misconduct and compromised the honour and integrity of legal profession. In addition, as an employee of the Ministry of Attorney General, Lisa Shendroff jeopardized the credibility of the Ministry. Geoff Plant was comfortable with her conduct and failed to correct her wrong to protect his peculiar political interests.

I launched an email publicity campaign to display the identity of the perpetrators of this legal scam. Therefore, the police seized my work-van and tools without a warrant; Geoff Plant was acquiescent to it. I was unable to work; the Ministry of Human Resources denied me hardship assistance (loan) even though I was qualified. VanCity sold my investment property without negotiating the other options of paying my mortgage.

Now, Larry Koo, TD Bank's lawyer collaborating with Dale Smith of the Ministry of Attorney General is threatening me with the seizure and forceful sale of my residential property. They know that I am committed and capable of paying my mortgage upon the resolution of this legal scam. They are also aware of the fact that it is UNLAWFUL for me to consent to the unlawful seizure of my residential property, because it is an encouragement for the criminals to offend the other members of the public.

It is not necessary to have a law degree to conclude that unreasonable seizure of certificate of qualifications, work tools and residential property is UNLAWFUL and it may amount to undue torture to induce suicide. Therefore, the Chief Law Officer of British Columbia, Geoff Plant may not fool the public by playing ignorance of law, unless he spends a significant amount of public money to cover up his misdeeds and the media continue to support him.

PUBLIC ALERT: If Geoff Plant succeeds in covering up this LEGAL SCAM, you may be the next victim of the same public offenders who I have been torturing me since 1998. (Complete list is at www.integriti.org

PLEASE CIRCULATE for your own protection.

Ron Korkut

5 – 312 Carnarvon Street

New Westminster BC V3L 5H6

www.integriti.org, www.injusticebc.org

ronkor@iready.ca ( 604 520 3684


March, 2003

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