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Re: how to give an older package version a higher priority?

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On Monday 17 March 2003 20:07, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:
> > I have an older version of UCD snmp which I need for another program. I
> > want to use the debian package, but because the version included in
> > woody is newer, apt-get and aptitude want to automatically install the
> > newer version.
> You mean that you've made your own package which you don't want upgraded?

Exactly. I have my own program and made a debian package for it. I have to 
make a ready-to-go solution for our customers and my co-workers who are not 
so firm with linux should be able to install it easily. So I chose debian 
(easy to maintain and update) as platform and want to distribute a cd-rom 
to them which includes all needed packages. so they just slip in the cd and 
install my package which then should install all needed dependencies 
automatically. However, it depends on an older version of the snmp packages 
than woody has. So the epoc way would be the right thing to do. I have to 
change the epoc for the snmp packages. So what exactly do I need to change 
in the source files? Is it only the changelog file or do I need to change 
the directory name or other entries as well?
BTW: is there any tool to add changelog entries with the correct timestamp 
and format?

> The easiest way to not have apt upgrade this is to put it on hold. Don't
> know how you do this in aptitude, but in dselect it's using the equal (=)
> character on the package name...

sure... but not convenient for my co-workers... :)
They should just slip in the cd, do an agt-get install packagename and off 
they go.


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