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Re: qt opengl demos

Bastiaan Naber <bastiaan@ricardis.tudelft.nl> writes:

> What packages / configuration do I need to get the Qt opengl demo's to work ? 
> I have the mesademos and they compile and run quite nicely but when I try to 
> compile the opengl qt demos something fails.
> I have first set QTDIR to /usr/share/qt3 and then I try on 1 to the demo's 
> qmake -o Makefile gears.pro

Try this instead:

  qmake -o Makefile "CONFIG+=opengl thread" gears.pro

Yeah, this shouldn't be necessary, but the maintainers don't want to
modify the qmake.conf, which I think is foolish.  See bug #180326.

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