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Re: Future of Debian !uncertain

* John Goerzen 

| But overall, it's the same.  Everyone's using PCI.  The same video
| chipsets are used everywhere, etc.

m68k isn't using PCI.  sun4m isn't using PCI.  s390 isn't using PCI.
My ipaq (arm) doesn't use PCI.  mips, mipsel doesn't use PCI.  My HPPA
boxen surely doesn't use PCI.  sun4u, x86, ia64, ppc all use PCI, but
that's about it.  ia64, s390, ppc and x86 use four different partition
table formats.  Each arch uses its own bootloader.  There are a lot of
small and subtle differences, don't underestimate them.

Sorry, but until you've fixed d-i for at least a few arches I doubt
you have any idea whatsoever about what you are talking about.

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