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Re: Frequent system crash -- with gcc3.2 (?)

I am troubled by frequent hard system crashes, which seem particularly
likely to occur when I am using gcc3.2.  Since I often want to rebuild
large packages, this is extrememly annoying.  At the moment, it's as bad
as Windows 95!
Motherboard: Tyan Tiger S2466N-4M

Ah, a SMP system.

- Ensure that you have GOOD memory chips (I mean, REALLY GOOD ones), like brand, certified ones.
- Go to http://www.memtest86.com/, burn the bootable CD, and check your memories during few hours (4-5 hours mini).
The test #5 is particularly important (non-linear tests)

Many stability problems are caused by bad memory chips. I had to throw a 512-MB chip for this reason recently :(

Xavier Roche

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