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Re: help with dh_dhelp

simon@nuit.ca wrote:
> i'm trying to pack up some source for pov-ray. i didn't check non-free
> (didn't really want to), but i do have contrib sources in my
> sources.list (don't worry i'm getting to my question soon =), and didn't
> see it there, so i went to their website and downloaded and compiled it. 
> i used dh_make to make the requiredfiles to make a .deb, did some minor
> editing - it's for my own personal use, so i figured  enough to tell
> *me* what it was was enough, and to get it functional - dh_make isn't
> doing --sysconfdir=/etc like it should, btw.
> now, what's hanging me up is there's docs in an html/ directory, so i
> added a dh_help to the debian/rules file. for some reason it's doesn't
> a. see my changes to the postrm, prerm, postinst, and preinst files in
> debian/, and konks out saying:
> dh_dhelp
> -------   dhelp processing   -------
> find: debian/tmp/usr/share/doc: No such file or directory
> ------------------------------------

Don't use dh_dhelp; despite its name it is not a debhelper program (bug
#115047). The new maintainer of dhelp plans to remove it entirely. Use
dh_installdocs and doc-base, which supports all documentation systems in
debian, even dhelp.

see shy jo

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