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Re: new libvorbis0a uploaded

Le sam 08/03/2003 à 20:36, Chris Cheney a écrit :
> Anyone building against libvorbis needs to rebuild against the new
> libvorbis0a. A while back libvorbisenc and libvorbisfile changed
> soname's but libvorbis did not need to. I had to split out the other two
> libraries from the libvorbis0 package, but that caused upgrade problems
> from woody -> sarge,sid so the libvorbis0 package has now been renamed
> libvorbis0a.
> You can insure that your packages build-deps are correct by setting them
> to libvorbis-dev (>= 1.0.0-2).

Thanks a lot for dealing with that. The BSP next week will come right on
time to deal with the packages depending on it.

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