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RFC: Merging sponsoring system with wnpp

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Hello Debian,

I just had a brainstorm about the sponsorship process that I wanted to
share for comment.

What if we add a new type to the wnpp package 'RFS' = Ready/Request
For Sponsorship?

This way, when a non-DD is finished their packaging, you just retitle
the ITP bug previously filed (you did file one, didn't you? :-) to RFS,
and add the contents of their debian/control file, as well as where to
find the package to the bug.

Also, the weekly wnpp list should include the list of RFS bugs, which
will give the packager more exposure to potential sponsors.

Another way this can work -- If a DD decides to package something, and
it has already been packaged but waiting for a sponsor; when they go to
file an ITP, instead of seeing someone else's ITP (who is not part of
Debian) and thinking "D*mn, somebody beat me to it! Wonder if they'll be
done this century or if they've already lost interest...", they will see
that the package is complete! They will then, hopefully, be in a great
position to sponsor the package since they already have an interest in
seeing it in Debian.  Thus, all they need to do is sponsor the person
who has already done the work -- a win/win for all.


Joe Nahmias, DD wannabe

PS - Please forgive me if this has been raised/discussed/beaten to
death...I didn't find anything in the archives...

PPS - Let's keep the discussion on -mentors, that's where it belongs.
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