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Re: knoppix/bootcd like software?

On Fri, 7 Mar 2003, Michael Bramer wrote:

> remastering is only a hack.

> we need a script, that make a knoppix and use only the base system with
> auto hw-detection. All other packages can be installed on request and
> maybe this make-knoppix script start some extra scripts etc.
> Maybe you know the suse-firewall cd?! If we have this make-knoppix
> script, a debian user make his own firewall cd. start the script, copy
> his firewall script to the chroot and burn the CD.
> If after some time some new packages on security.debian.org, he make a
> apt-get update or rerun the script and make a new cd.
Exactly this is my intention - perhaps your wording was quite more clearly.

> > There must be some packages anywhere because if you do a
> >        dpkg --get-selections | grep knoppix
> > you get a certain list of packages.  We should check these packages for
> > DFSG complieance and perhaps make them official.  I hope this would perhaps
> > take some workload from Klaus Knopper.
> some auf this packages only include some scripts, images etc.
Well, but why not providing those packages officially.  These would not
be the only packages which are just providing some scripts. In my opinion the
ideal situation would be to be able to get an identical copy (with the
exception of the actual locations of the files in the filesystem) of
a Knoppix CD via some scripts which mostly use my local Debian mirror.

> and Knoppix is a _live_cd_. On a live cd you don't run apt-get update
> (maybe sometime with a layeredfs/mergefs/...) and if you change
> something, after the next boot you don't see any changes.
> Maybe we should change the policy and some parts about live cd systems.
If this would be necessary to reach the goal mentioned above we should
definitely do so.

Kind regards


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