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Transition problems Qt2->Qt3

(Okay, I'll try again, this time to the correct list...)


I am trying to recompile a program of mine which uses Qt (package
"turqstat"). Since the new version isn't done yet, I am just trying to
recompile with GCC 3.2 and libqt3. After fixing the configure.in I get
compiling, and get a lot of warnings due to change of include files
(I'll have to fix those later).

However, the big problem comes after the binaries have been built, when
I try to build the QM files for the Qt translations. The Qt3 packages
does not seem to contain the msg2qm program required to transform the
PO file into a QM file.

Does anyone know where I can find msg2qm, or a replacement, so that I
can build the QM files properly?

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