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Re: Sendmail_8.12.6-6Woody_i386.deb upgrade???

On Tue, 4 Mar 2003, Account for Debian group mail wrote:

> We are running sendmail_8.12.6-6Woody_i386.deb on one of our mail servers.
> I cannot remember why, but we had to use this version to solve some
> problems we were having when we put together this new server last Dec.
> What version should we be upgrading to so we keep in line with the current
> version of sendmail we use?

That version was rejected, being a new upstream version.

For woody, the current is 8.12.3-6 (security) or 8.12.3-6.1 (proposed

You need the 6.1 version if you're making use of LDAP for user auth or
any maps... if not, 6 is fine.

Rick Nelson
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