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Help wanted testing gcc-3.3 / gcc-snapshot

For the upcoming GCC 3.3 release, the compiler collection should be
tested with real word applications according to the release
criteria. As many of the real-world applications mentioned on


are part of Debian, it may be useful for Debian to check these even
before GCC 3.3 is released and becomes the default compiler at least
on some platforms.

Packages should be recompiled with gcc-snapshot in unstable,
additional checks/testsuites should be run (build and test guides are
available on the mentioned page).

The maintainers of the packages mentioned on this page are CCed, but
help from everybody is welcome! Packages mentioned, but not in Debian
are FTensor, MTL, POOMA, root.

If you want to help, please email me (and debian-gcc@lists.debian.org)
the package name and version you want to check, and the architectures
you want to check. When sending test results, please include the
compiler version used, for the code quality checks the compiler
version you compare with, as well.

Thanks, Matthias

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