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exim 4 packages uploaded to experimental

The Debian exim 4 maintainer team proudly announces the upload of the
first version of Debian exim 4 packages to Debian experimental.

Highlights of the package include:
- Fully debconf-driven configuration
- Package has been designed to easily interact with other (future)
  packages like exim-sa or exiscan.
- a semi-clean update path from exim 3 by trying to parse the exim 3
  config file if it has been generated by eximconfig.
- Multiple daemon flavours for different environments in different
  daemon packages. If somebody doesn't like our choice of features, it
  the infrastructure to build an exim4-daemon-custom package according
  to the local user's choice is present in the source package.
- extremely flexible configuration schemes. The entire configuration
  can be pulled in from a different Debian package, making our exim 4
  package nice to support for larger installations.
- TLS support using GnuTLS.
- MySQl, Postgresql, LDAP support
- Marc Merlin's dlopen patch has been applied

Read README.Debian.gz for more documentation about the packaging.

For the short while that the packages wait for ftp-master approval,
they can be apted from

deb http://q.bofh.de/~mh/debian/exim4/sid /

Since experimental is not autobuilt, we would appreciate if other
architectures could try to build and test the exim 4 packages. I'll
happily put binary packages for other architectures in the archive on
q.bofh.de. Any feedback is most welcome.


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