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Re: cyrdeliver dies with errorcode 75

On Wed, Feb 19, 2003 at 07:16:53PM -0600, David Masover wrote:
> Using cyrus 1.5.19 on debian-testing.  Trying to deliver mail to Cyrus 
> from exim.  cyrdeliver fails with errorcode 75, every time, no matter 
> what the options, except if I specify '-l' for LMTP.  I don't think exim 
> knows LMTP, so I'm not using that.

To make it know about LMTP, uncomment
in exim's Local/Makefile before building from source. Then following the
instructions under "Configuring Exim 4" in cyrus' doc/install-configure.html
should work. Something which stung me when setting reject or vacation
sieve scripts which needed to emit mail was to forget to add
"sendmail: /usr/local/sbin/exim" to imapd.conf.



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