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Qt packages finally done with 3.1.1-4

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Martin Loschwitz and I can now report that we finished working on the Qt 
packages last night. Martin will repackage today and then uploading -4 into 
sid can take place.

We'd like to thank you for your patience with us and hope that you will see 
that the restructuring needed to be done for various reasons. We actually
tried to solve all problems that Qt packages in Debian had until now and we've 
been quite successful. Actually I'm delighted with the new packages :-) as 
they really make a lot more sense now and include everything that is needed 
to build for instance QSA (filed an ITP for that) out of the box with it as 
well as that we have found the quite simplest way to build all examples by 
people who want to start Qt development on Debian in one go.

We'd like you to read the included, very precise README.Debian for questions 
first if you encounter problems (which in most cases aren't problems but 
requirements of the new packages that were long overdue) with packages that 
build against Qt before bugging us with bugreports. The patches we used 
against Qt are now reduced to the absolute minimum and are coordinated with 
TrollTech so that we can get patches into the main Qt tree for Qt 3.1.2 
and/or Qt 3.2. 

Have fun,

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