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Re: Strange undeliverable mail.. for a message I did not send

> Just to let you know about this reply I received supposedly from 
> postmaster@debian.org (supposedly, since I doubt postmaster automated 
> replies are in HTML as this reply is). The strange thing is that I never 
> sent this message. Seems that spammers are not only poisining our e-mail 
> addresses, but also forging our names to do that.
> The mentioned attachment is a highly suspicious 'button.bat' file. Let 
> me know if the headers can be of interest.

Probably a virus, with forged from: and envelope data. There is nothing
really efficient to do, except convincing users NOT to use Outlook and
other similar mass-destruction mailers.

Here's my personnal quarantine folder for 3 months:
root     root     96017333 Feb 18 11:18 quarantine-112002-022003


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