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Re: language-specific packages

#include <hallo.h>
* Craig Sanders [Mon, Feb 17 2003, 05:31:43PM]:

> > > as an english speaker (with an ADSL connection that costs 13.9 cents per
> > > megabyte above 3GB - i.e. $139 per gigabyte), i have no interest in my
> > > local mirror script downloading doc packages spanish, french, russian or
> > > other languages....and i'm sure that, e.g., spanish speakers have no
> > > interest in downloading german or russian or whatever, either.
> > 
> > If your internet connection is such a rip-off, why are you running a
> > full mirror? 
> because a) i have multiple machines which need to be updated, b) i build

You can use apt-proxy or tweaked squid for this.

> machines for many different purposes for many different people and
> organisations, and c) i don't want to wait an hour or two for the
> packages to download, i want them already on my local disk when I have
> time to do the upgrade.

And you wish to do this with unstable, right? Don't you think that your
request is pointless then? Did you count the space that i18ned packages
use? How can you argument without having any real data?

> > Don't complain to us about it when the archive is too big
> > for you.
> so, it's too much to ask that things be organised to make it
> easy to filter out stuff that isn't wanted?

See above. If you want stable, you can by a set of Woody-CDs for 30EUR.
If you run unstable, you transfer more data in few days than all the
i18ned packages use, IMHO.

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