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Orphaning some of my packages

I just intend to orphan the packages listed beneath.

I am doing this because of various reasons - first, some weeks ago the "hot
phase" of this's years school year started and my time to work for Debian is 
kinda limited by some factors. OTOH, I simply lost interested in the packages.

The packages are:

cdbakeoven - common GUI for writing CDs under KDE
kmusicdb - A music collection manager to PostgreSQL
libdbmusic - A library needed by kmusicdb

Other possible candidates are (I have asked a specific person first to take 
them, if he says "No", there we go):

irssi-scripts - useful collection of scripts for irssi
irssi-snapshot - The irssi IRC client (Development version)
xirssi - GTK Version of irssi (Development version)

If somebody wants to take over one of them, please let me know so i don't need
to fill an RFA bug for the specific package.

  .''`.   Name: Martin Loschwitz
 : :'  :  E-Mail: madkiss@madkiss.org
 `. `'`   www: http://www.madkiss.org/ 
   `-     Use Debian GNU/Linux - http://www.debian.org    

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