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Re: Release-critical Bugreport for February 14, 2003

On Fri, Feb 14, 2003 at 02:03:33PM +0100, Marco d'Itri wrote:
> On Feb 14, BugScan reporter <bugscan@debian.org> wrote:
>  >Reply-To: debian-devel@lists.debian.org, bugscan@debian.org
>  >Mail-Followup-To: debian-devel@lists.debian.org
> Where do you want to receive replies?

Mail-Followup-To: is added by the debian-devel-announce software, not by
bugscan. We can (I imagine) override Mail-Followup-To: as well if

Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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