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Re: Proposal for removal of mICQ package

* Martin Loschwitz

 > In my opinion, with this step, mICQ has proven as dishonorable to
 > be distributed with Debian anymore (especially since nobody knows
 > what idea upstream will have  as next, maybe it's a very funny
 > 'rm -rf /'?).

  Umm.  Reading #167610 quite clearly tells me that upstream notified
 you that he intended to do this, and you did not object in the least;

* Rüdiger Kuhlmann

 > Nice for you. I'll tell my users to only use the Official version from
 > micq.org until you stop garbling the package and start cooperating.

* Martin Loschwitz

 > Do whatever you want.

  ..and if you take into account the mood of the discussion, I read
 your comment as more of an encouragement.  He did exactly what he
 said he'd do, and by doing so demonstrated that you're not doing
 proper QA on your packages.  IMO, you've got a well-deserved slap,
 and have no reason to sulk over it.  Upstream didn't introduce any
 security holes, nor do I get the impression that he intends to.

  I suggest you orphan the package, and hopefully someone who'll get
 along with upstream will pick it up.

Tore Anderson

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