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Re: Status report of Qt3 packages in Debian GNU/Linux unstable

On Sun, Feb 09, 2003 at 01:50:18AM +0100, Martin Loschwitz wrote:

> (1) Technical things


> We are convinced that these packages are a good base for Qt3 development 
> under Debian GNU/Linux and encourage everybody to test them out and to 
> give as much feedback as possible. 

As I stated some days ago at IRC, libqassistantclient.a at qt3-apps-dev
package has all symbols stripped. It seems that other distributions have
this problem too and that qmake may be the culprit, generating Makefiles
that strip too much when installing stuff, as you can read at PyQt/PyKDE
mailing list archives[0].

[0] http://mats.gmd.de/pipermail/pykde/2002-December/004329.html

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