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Re: Compiling Debian packages for DJGPP ?


I'm not sure this is relevant for debian-devel, but I keep the

Bill said:
> Several years ago I wrote a long filename driver for dos written in `djasm'
> that includes case sensitivity (I was fed up with win95's case insensitivity
> and dos' lack of long filenames:). I believe it was working ok for fat16,
> though I'm not sure if I tested with fat12. Never got to test fat32 writes.
> One word of warning: (by default?) the short file names tend to be rather
> cryptic.
> All that said, if somebody's willing to take it over (I haven't had the
> time/motivation to work on it for a long time), I'm very happy to donate my
> driver code (probably GPL, but that's negotiable). Note: it might not build at
> the moment due to me having customized djasm and though most of my changes
> have been merged into djgpp, I'm not sure just what went in and what got
> modified on the way.

Ehum... Somebody did take over it. IIRC, JT Williams did. And I have
been messing with it too.

But our main goal is to make it behave as WINDOZE 9x. We have already
that in place, but there seemingly are bugs.

My enthusiasm declined when I lost the primary partition contents. I
didn't loose anything important as it was my scrap PC, but that meant
a pause in the work, then something else more interesting came up and
I haven't got back to it (yet).



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