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Re: On the matter of Qt packaging

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On Donnerstag, 6. Februar 2003 16:53, Simon Richter wrote:
> Ralf,
> On Thu, Feb 06, 2003 at 01:41:28PM +0100, Ralf Nolden wrote:
> > Looking at the current libqt3-headers package, you will find due to the
> > wildcard a subdirectory /usr/include/qt/private. This contains the
> > private header files that are only required for the build of Qt and are
> > not part of the public API and thus doesn't belong there.
> I don't think it is Debian's business to decide which header files are
> to be installed or not. If they are installed by "make install", they
> should be packaged, if not, then not.
Works for automake packages. Doesn't for Qt, Qt-Embedded and QSA. Trolltech 
has its own buildsystem that focuses on what their customers need. Those only 
compile and use $QTDIR.

> The only thing a Debian maintainer *may* do if she knows what she is
> doing is split functional components.
That's what we do. We split up a) the headers to classes that are compiled in 
the library b) headers to classes which are configured as plugins (thus can't 
be linked against in the standard case, use the plugin interface) c) package 
away headers that are for compatibility reasons available but subject to 

> Hrm, maybe someone could talk to the Trolls and convince them to make a
> unique marker in these files -- Like a comment with the md5sum[1] of the
> word "obsolete". Then one could know which headers are obsolete. Again,
> deciding that is not the distibutor's task.
We have the clue how to do it why shouldn't we do it ?

> Another case of private headers made public. Again, this is upstream's
> mess to clean up, probably by issuing a #warning and removing the header
> in the next major release.
See above. It's a matter of TT's customers. Free Software geeks aren't 
customers. We can ask to change things for the better and help them out 
(which we do) but packaging is our job, not theirs.

> What are the other distributions doing? If Debian followed your advice,
> would programs compiled on Debian boxen still run on a RH or SuSE box?
Yes, they would. We'd even help other distros because they can shrink their Qt 
library to the minimum and configure everything possible as plugins as 
intended by TrollTech long-term.


> If not, then sorry, we cannot do this, because that would disqualify
> Debian as a development platform.
>    Simon
> [1] The word itself would probably not be a good indicator.

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