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Debian and OASIS: feedback request

Hi All,

As many of you know, last April Debian joined OASIS - the Organization
for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards[1], an
organization that develops XML-based standards.

As Debian's official representative to OASIS, I'd like to gather some
information and feedback regarding Debian's involvement with OASIS
since we've become a member organization.

The information gathered will be used to compose a report to the DPL
summarizing our OASIS involvement, and to help determine whether or
not Debian should renew their existing membership.

Involvement in OASIS Activities
  If you're at all involved in OASIS activities, please respond to the
  following two items:

  1. Have any Debian developers joined any existing OASIS Technical
     Committees. Please let me know if you're active in this regard.

  2. Have any Debian developers _initiated_ any projects within OASIS?
     (i.e. Participated in the creation of any OASIS Technical

I'd also like to take this opportunity to remind you that if you're a
member of the Debian project (i.e. have a XXX@debian.org email
address), you are automatically a member of OASIS.

Therefore, to join any project (via an OASIS Technical Committee, aka
TC), you simply need to send a request to the chair of that TC
expressing your wish to join. 

BTW, the list of projects currently underway at OASIS is listed on the
OASIS home page[1], under "Technical Committees" at the right of the
page in the navigation bar.

Debian Delegate Voting Procedure

  One final solicitation: 

  As the official Debian delegate to OASIS, it is my responsibility to
  cast the Debian vote in the general cases where, e.g. a
  specification is under consideration to be promoted to an OASIS

  I welcome any feedback as to how to solicit input from Debian
  developers when such votes arise. A couple options come to mind:

  A. One option would be to simply post the OASIS 'Call for Votes'
     messages I receive to debian-devel.

  B. Another option would be to create a 'debian-oasis' mailing list,
     so that only those who are interested would join the list &
     receive such messages.
If you have any opinions one way or another, please let me know.

Finally, if you're interested in getting involved in OASIS activities,
please feel free to send me any questions you may have.

Thanks for your comments,

[1] http://www.oasis-open.org/

P.S. FWIW, I've joined three OASIS TCs: the DocBook TC, the Entity
     Resolution TC (of SGML & XML catalog fame), and the Open Office
     XML Format TC. This latter TC's purpose is to create an open,
     XML-based file format specification for office applications.

Mark Johnson        <mark@dulug.duke.edu>
Debian XML/SGML     <mrj@debian.org>
Home Page:          <http://dulug.duke.edu/~mark/>
GPG fp: 50DF A22D 5119 3485 E9E4  89B2 BCBC B2C8 2BE2 FE81

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