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Re: game task flamewar

Oohara Yuuma wrote:
> I don't know why people are so eager to get involved in a flamewar,
> but reading the list gave me an impression that it is a must.
> Let's see how far I can get.


> Nobody said that only good games should be included in the game task,
> but I don't think xgalaga is the best shoot-em-up game in Debian.

It wasn't chosen on those grounds. galaga is a classic bottom-scrolling
shooter and xgalaga is a fairly accurate clone.

> Here are some alternatives:
> * chromium
>   very popular, great graphic but boring gameplay
>   hardware acceleration required

Thus disquialified on two counts. I was never very impressed with the
graphics either. A yawner.

> * kobodeluxe
>   polished version of popular xkobo
>   not an usual shoot-em-up in my opinion (your ship can't stop) but anyway

I could be convinced to add this, as it is fairly unique. Not sure it
appeals to enough people though.

> * vectoroids
>   small but nice Agendaroids clone, well-balanced gameplay
>   good if you don't care the "why yet another" rant

Added, the task has been needing an asteroids clone, and maelstrom,
the only better one I've seen, is non-free.

> * kspaceduel
>   in fact an one-on-one deathmatch, the AI is tough
>   you can learn the Newton's law on a torus
>   some may complain because there are already 2 gnome games in the task

Looks like an unimpressive variation on the spacewar theme to me. I will
wait for uqm to get into debian instead. :-)

> * tenmado
>   to show that I did my homework
>   good if you can bear the terrible look, or if you are a mathematician

Not much of a reccommendation. I remember trying to play it once.

> * frozen-bubble
>   not a shoot-em-up (don't say "you shoot bubbles") but so cool
>   known as the DD killer

Yeah I should have added this a while ago.

In case my criteria arn't clear, I am looking for games with mostly
reasonable system requirements, good gameplay, good replayability, good
sound and graphics where appropriate, and for a wide range of games that
hit most of the major genres (with a game close to a true classic in
that genre when we have a good copy available), as well as games that
are fairly unique.

see shy jo

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