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Re: game task proposal 2 (add enigma)

Oohara Yuuma wrote:
> I propose:
>   enigma should be added to the game task.
> The description of the game task says "a broad selection of games",
> but it doesn't have a game of mouse control.  I think enigma is
> a good choice for such a game.

I've never heard of games being divided on the basis of control type[1].
We certainly already have several games in the task that can be
controlled with the mouse if you want to: xgalaga, koules, nethack,
gnome-gnomine, gnome-card-games, lincity. As long as a game can be
controlled well, I don't see that it matters much what kind of
controller it uses.

see shy jo

[1] Maybe accepting paddle controlled games back at the dawn of time.

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