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Re: Offer to help DD's who maintain games

* H. S. Teoh <hsteoh@quickfur.ath.cx> [2003-01-31 04:30]:
> I've noticed in recent months a recurring problem in games that spawn off
> a soundserver to manage sound output. This especially concerns those games
> that are written from scratch (ie., not using clanlib or some other game
> development toolkit, which presumably do things right :-).

 I am sure that you are aware that xblast (your bug #31274) is way older
than clanlib or some other game development toolkits, are you?  There
was no other way than to write it from scratch when it was developed.

 After all, thank you for your patch, it is at least in unstable and I'm
thinking of preparing a package for stable, too.

 So long!
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