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Re: Bug#179530: ITP: libapache-mod-throttle -- Bandwidth & Request Throttling

On Mon, 03 Feb 2003 00:03:19 +0100
Noel Koethe <noel@debian.org> wrote:
> * License         : afaik BSD:
> Copyright 1999, 2000 by Anthony Howe.  All rights reserved.
> -------
> This source distribution is made freely available and there is no
> charge for its use, provided you retain this notice, disclaimers,
> author's copyright, and credits.

If this is the entire license (minus the irrelevant snipped portion,
obviously), it is most certainly NOT a BSD-style license.

All rights are reserved. You may not redistribute it. You may not modify
it. The only "free" thing about it is that you don't have to pay for it
if you use it.

This can't even be put into non-free, since we're not given the right to
redistribute it.

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