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Re: mass bug report: undocumented.7.gz

El día 02 feb 2003, Bas Zoetekouw escribía:
> Hi guys!
> Would anyone object to me filing bug reports against packages that still
> use undocumented.7.gz symlinks?  There are currently 693 binary packages
> in sid that still use them; a list can be found at
> http://people.debian.org/~bas/undocumented

  The whole 13.1 point of policy talks about "should" not "must". The
 lack of manpage is a bug, as it was before to link it to undocumented,
 so I don't see why bugs on packages linking to undocumented must be
 filled and not for each package that has no manpage for its binaries.
  Also, I would like to have a template to make mapages for Gnome or KDE
 apps. Usually the manpage has nothing useful to say for that programs
 (perhaps only the description), so providing it will make easier for
 mantainers to add it to their's packages.

  Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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