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Togl & Tcl/Tk

I have a question about Togl and Tcl/Tk. Actually, several. I packaged
PyOpenGL 2.0 this week, and it includes Togl 1.6-CVS (as a local
modification.) Togl is the OpenGL Tk widget, a small Tk library that can be
used from any application that uses Tk (including, of course, Tcl.)

Now, PyOpenGL always included a modified Togl 1.5, so packaging it
separately wasn't really an option, but the modifications they use have been
rolled into the CVS version (which calls itself 1.6 but hasn't been released
yet) and for Tk 8.4 you need that version anyway. So my PyOpenGL 2.0
packages include a stock Togl CVS.

But Togl can be used by much more than PyOpenGL, so maybe I should package
it separately? It's a 32k .so file, plus a single .h file, and some demos
and tcl package configuration. However, the website states that Togl "... is
intended to be included with your application. You may elect to compile the
Togl code into a library file but that's not necessary." I'm wondering if
many people include Togl that way :) The license is free enough, to be sure.
FWIW, I found an old Debian mirror, with a wnpp page dated 1997, which lists
togl as ITP'd by Karl R. Sackett, but the current wnpp list doesn't have it
(at least not that I can find :)

If I were to package it, what should I name it? 'togl1' (and -dev),
'libtogl1', 'libtogl1.6'? I'm thinking togl1, as the .6 isn't important (at
least not yet) and tcl and tk don't use 'lib' either.

And the last question is... why the heck do the various tk-dev packages
conflict with each other? The tcl-dev packages don't, and at least the
tk8.4-dev and tk8.3-dev packages don't have any files in common. Having them
conflict with each other makes it hard to compile the same package for
various Tk versions. My PyOpenGL 2 package set doesn't include a
python2.1-togl for that reason; python2.1-tk is built against tk8.3,
python2.2/2.3-tk against tk8.4. Is there some trick to doing this without a
separate source package for each version ?

Thomas Wouters <thomas@xs4all.net>

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