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Re: UHU linux and forking in general [was: Re: Bug#176267: ITP:mplayer -- Mplayer is a full-featuredaudioand video player for UN*X likesystems]

Hi All!

On 2003 Jan 31, Michael Banck wrote:
> Apart from the fact that you can't just commit stuff to dpkg like that,
> I agree to your statement. It would be nice if somebody could contact
> the uhu-maintainers (if they don't happen to read -devel) what the
> changes are and why they were done.

Some of them:

- Try to be in bleeding edge. (2.3.X libc)
- Some of the packages is fully resplitted (for example X).
- Some package compiled with another options.
- Some file placed another location. (for example starting scripts)
- {post,pre}{inst,remove} scripst are removed.
- Everything try to be autoconfigured (detect hardware, etc.)

IIRC uhu-maintainers get only the deb format from debian, they do
everything from scratch.

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