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Re: radiusd-freeradius history and future

On Sun, Jan 12, 2003 at 01:21:53PM -0500, Chad Miller wrote:
> [trim]
> Wichert immediately asked for the package to be added back, but someone
> noted that freeradius, a GPL program, linked against libssl, so it
> couldn't go back in.
> Well, it doesn't _directly_ link against libssl, or I could try instead
> to use gnutls.  In fact, the only place (I think!) radiusd-freeradius
> "uses libssl" is its postgresql module, which links against libpq, which
> requires libssl.  
> (Though it's not directly required, I added "libssl" as a build-depends
> earlier for someone who tried to build from source while postgresql was
> transitioning from non-us, and he couldn't apt-get all of the dependencies
> without adding lines to his sources.list, and he (I think) wanted explicit
> dependencies on libssl. )

Using the setup in the 0.8.1 tarball, plus the patches I have posted as
bug reports, the resulting .deb files _do_ link against libssl for
packages radiusd-freeradius-ldap, radiusd-freeradius-postgresql and
the file rlm_eap_tls-0.8.1.so in the radiusd-freeradius package itself.

Side note, Can someone point me at a reference for the problems openssl
has with licensing? I'm not too clear... Is it as simple as "Openssl
has forbidden linking to GPL software"?

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