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Re: samosa HTTP problems

On Mon, Jan 27, 2003 at 12:32:44PM +0100, martin f krafft wrote:
> samosa a.k.a. db.debian.org is listening on port 80, but the httpd
> process doesn't answer any request. let's hope this is not a serious
> problem. should i file a bug?

I am not a Debian developer and have never accessed samosa, so I don't
know which "flavor" of Debian it runs. Anyhow this note reminds me of
problems I've been having every now and then with a box running Sid here
at work.

Thrice in the past few weeks Apache would stop answering requests.
Processes were still there, and listening to ports 80 and 443, but they
were otherwise non-functional. I have traced these down to child
processes segfaulting, but have not found out what causes the segfaults.
Killing the remaining Apache processes ('/etc/init.d/apache stop'
doesn't detect any Apache processes running) and then starting Apache
anew gets things back in order.

I have not found a pattern for this behavior, and have not had the time
to fully sync with Sid lately, and as such have not filed a bug report
on Apache yet. I have upgraded the Apache packages to 1.3.27-0.1,
though, and experienced this problem once since that upgrade last week.

Just in case the sharing is worth anything at this point...

 --> Jijo

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