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Re: Bug#176267: ITP: mplayer -- Mplayer is a full-featured audioand video player for UN*X like systems

On Mon, 27 Jan 2003 15:44:48 +0100
Eduard Bloch <edi@gmx.de> wrote:
> The fact is, even on a relative old multimedia system (say, Athlon-500
> with TNT2), you can use both Xine and Mplayer for MPEG2/DivX videos
> with XVideo, and you cannot use either of them without XVideo. You can
> be keen on your maximum acceleration for aalib and SVGAlib output
> features as long as you want, there are not many people using them.

I only contribute to this thread to correct an error.

Up until about four months ago, I was happily using mplayer to play
full-resolution (ie: something close to 640x480, though often it was
closer to 640x2<something>) on my Celeron 300A overclocked to 450MHz
with a Diamond Viper V550 (that's a TNT *original* card, folks).

It worked just dandy. It was the rare movie that pegged the CPU at 100%
usage, though most settled in around 95% or so. A few dropped frames,
maybe, here and there, on some of the more action-heavy scenes.
Perfectly usable, and indeed it routinely surprised people that I was
watching movies of such quality on such a lowly machine. Mostly because
they had Athlon 1GHz+ machines and their CPUs were getting used at 75%
or something (mainly due to postprocessing, which'll peg the CPU no
matter how fast it is, generally speaking).

I can't speak for Xine. Never used it.

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