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New virtual package name: network-configurator ?

I know of packages in the archive that are effectively
replacements for ifupdown, in that they configure network
interfaces without using ifup and ifdown to do it.  Confusion
can result when ifup or ifdown is run while a package of this
kind is in use.  Currently, however, none of these packages
(that I know of) actually Conflicts: with ifupdown.

Question 1: Should all such packages Conflicts: with one
            another and with ifupdown?

Question 1.1: If so, should all such packages Provides:
              something like "network-configurator" so that they
              can simply Conflicts: with that?

Question 1.1.1: If so, should all such packages offer some
                common user interface (e.g., via their own
                "ifup" and "ifdown")?

Thomas Hood <jdthood0@yahoo.co.uk>

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